Using electric heaters : 03USD/Night/Room

Using electric heaters Using electric heaters

Located in a nice, peaceful village just 3 km Southwest of  Noi Bai International Airport. Avi Airport Hotel is an ideal address for both business people and leisure travellers. Our hotel is equipped with new standard facilities for guests, such as: A/C, TV, Free We-Fi internet, hot shower…which surely guarentee you a relaxing and comfortable stay with good value for money. We locate just 5 minutes by taxi from Noibai International airport, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Our services: Coffee shop, free wireless, travel desk, air ticket booking, room service and Vietnamese restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day use rooms: Rate starts from 10 USD / room: A/C conditioning, TV, big bed, wireless, private bathroom with hot shower, clean towels, toiletries. Day use rooms are calculated between 8h00am to 18h00pm.

Economy Room:  Small room, Have TV, wireless, private bathroom with hot shower, clean towels, toiletries, Rooms have NO windows, Fan room without air conditioning, and always have ene double beds.

Standard Double Rooms:  Well equipped, a small room, Have air conditioning, wireless internet, Television, private bathroom with hot water shower, clean towels, toiletries, A window and one double bed in room.

Superior Double Rooms: Well equipped, Nice room with 15-sqm, Have air conditioning, wireless internet, Television, private bathroom with hot water shower, clean towels, toiletries, Big windows also offer a nice open view and one double bed in room.

Relax Suite Room: Well equipped, Nice room with 30-sqm, Have air conditioning, VD player, bathroom with bathtub, hot shower, hair-dryer, seperated WC and bidet, telephone, cable TVs, high-speed wireless and wired internet access, safe, King or Double beds, data port, coffee maker, iron...

Credicard Payments: charge for Master, Visa, JCB credit card or Traveler`s Cheque.

Warning!!! There are a lot of touts and bogus cabbies as well as indecent tour information counters at Noi Bai airport, who try to cheat you to another hotel for commission such as, they secretly contact their hotel-partners and then impersonate our hotel staff to speak to you on the phone that, the hotel you booked that is full already and offer you another hotel or some scams like that...

A taxi from the Noibai Airport should take about 5 minutes (3km). But, BE AWARE, there is a minimum taxi fare from the airport of 5USD /1way/ taxi 4seats ; 8USD /1way/ taxi 7seats. Hotel offers airport pick-up service for the clients on request, So remember to contact us with your details, such as the passenger's name, contact numbers, date, time, flight number. Our staff will await the passengers at arrivals area where all the other drivers are waiting with name boards.

Avi Airport Hotel - Cheap hotel near Noibai International Airport
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using electric heaters


 Do energy efficient electric heaters really exist?

Some will tell you that energy efficient portable heaters are the most efficient form of heating around - that they're 100% efficient, even 300% or 400% efficient for heat pump electric heaters.

Others will point out that most non-renewable electricity sources (coal, natural gas, nuclear) involve burning a fuel, and converting at best 45% of the heat produced into electricity, so that even with a 100% energy efficient electric heater you are getting only 35-45% efficiency from the energy efficient portable heater when total energy consumption is factored in. Even geothermal electricity only converts about 35% of its heat source into electricity. So unless your electricity comes from solar, wind, or hydropower, you can't come close to the efficiency of a typical modern forced air furnace.

Efficiency of passive and active electric heaters

Although all resistance-based electrical heaters are close to 100% energy efficient electric heaters in terms of converting electricity to heat (remember, a small amount may be used by a fan blowing the heat off the elements), we can think in terms of how effective they are at getting that heat to where it's needed, and not sending it where it isn't.

The more passive an electric heater is - the more it depends on heat rising, or natural airflows in the room, to spread its heat - the more its effectiveness is subject to the characteristics of the room or house it is in, and its own location within the room or house.

For instance, if a baseboard (a passive source of electric heat) is located on an outside wall with poor insulation, that wall will get hotter than the ambient air of the room, and some of the heat will escape through the wall. In the same room, an active convection heater such as an energy saving space heater with fan, would not heat the outside walls nearly as much, because it propels its heat forward more effectively, and so there would be less heat differential between the inside of the wall and the outside, resulting in less heat loss. A floor vent for a forced air electric furnace would also result in less heat escaping from the walls, because the heating element is centrally located in a well-insulated furnace, and the floor vent is (probably) not running hot air against an outside wall.

Of course none of this would matter much if the walls were very well insulated - little heat would escape out the back of a baseboard heater, so nearly 100% of it would be available to heat the room itself, as with a floor vent or movable heater.

The most energy efficient electric heaters for keeping one person warm in a cold room are active heaters, either radiative or convection. For example, if you get cold feet when working in a poorly insulated den, a small ceramic heater at your feet may be all you need to work comfortably. (That and a sweater.) Heating an entire room when the room is seldom used, and only for short periods, is not as cost effective as on-demand spot-heating of areas that are too cold for comfort.

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