Phuong Nam restaurant in Can Tho, Viet Nam

Phuong Nam restaurant in Can Tho, Viet Nam Phuong Nam restaurant in Can Tho, Viet Nam

Come Can Tho,Viet Nam, it is  sorry if you do not come Phuong Nam restaurant where is the same a small city of a lots delicious foods. You can enjoy much foods not only specialty of southern area but also specialty of your country. For example, you can enjoy Mekong steamboat, pork in clay pot  with coconut juice, spicy cat fish soup, pizza marguerrita, curry snake, snake with onion, spaghetti carbonara, spaghetti Bolognese,…

Phuong Nam restaurant in Can Tho, Viet Nam

Whole-hearted service style will not make you disappointed.

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Address : 48 Hai Bà Trưng street – Tân An Ward – Ninh Kiều District – Cần Thơ city – Viet Nam

Phone : 07103 812077 – 07102 221910

Hotline : 0989510077 ( Mr Thiện Minh – Restaurant Manager )

Email :

The house  was built between 1913 and 1915, Built with the French, In the past year, the house was restored to its original shape, the tiles of its secondary roofs green again, then it just needed to be repainted, as the strong arch is actually as new today as it ever was.

The Ninh Kiều park was also overhauled last year, and its beautiful garden now spans down to the market hall itself, providing a great, green promenade to idlers at night, leading them to Phương Nam.

Open throughout the day
Sao Hôm is open from 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM, and serves all the main meals of a day.

Phương Nam opens early in the day and serves breakfast, Vietnamese style as well as some more international choice.

Among the dishes served for breakfast, you may opt for phở, bún, but also sunny side up, omelet or even a toasted ham & cheese sandwich, "Croque Monsieur" style.

Lunch and dinner
We serve Vietnamese cuisine as well as Western cuisine, and can accommodate groups of over 100 people, whom we can treat to the best of what the Mekong delta can give.

Please contact us for the set menus and arrangements for your groups.

The place is open throughout the day, so you do not have to worry about your time schedule, and may even show up unexpected to find the team ready to serve your group.

Traditional Vietnamese cuisine

Phương Nam serves a large sample of traditional Vietnamese cuisine.

Mekong delta specialties

Among the numerous specialties of the Mekong delta, you will find the following specialties worthy of a taste.

Mekong steamboat

Steamboat with seafood, a broad sample of the delicious fish available in the Mekong delta, steamed on your table.

Fried rolls

The imperial rolls, Cần Thơ style, wrapped in a light and crispy layer of the thinnest rice noodles, and well-done to the core.

Fish in clay pot

Fish in clay pot, the now renowned specialty of Cần Thơ, a tasty Catfish served with steamed rice, still in the clay pot in which it was cooked.

Shrimps steamed with beer

Shrimps cooked in beer steam, served in a delicate lime sauce. A taste of the local delicacies

Classic Vietnamese cuisine

To those who are discovering Vietamese cuisine, or who would rather stick to the standards, Phương Nam offers a wide choice of the classic dishes that make Vietnam renowned for its savors.

Rice noodles soup with beef

 Rice Noodle Soup, The classic among the classics, a tasty clear soup with your choice of beef or poultry.

Pork in clay pot with coconut juice

Pork in Caramel Sauce, sweet pork bits in their cooking sauce, indeed in their clay pot, served with white rice.

Diced beef

Diced beef, a very easy dish, that will please anyone who would not depart from the classic tastes, and still give them the best experience

Western cuisine
Further than the inescapable beefsteak with fries, and for those who long for a taste of occidental cuisine, Phương Nam also offers a wide range of western food, with an emphasis on French-style cuisine, prevalent when the market hall was built.

French specialties

A choice of Niçoise (tuna), Season's salad, even

A North-Eastern France tarte-style specialty

Sea bass with green pepper sauce

a thick, juicy piece of beef meat served with a light sauce

Italian specialties

Margherita, vegetarian, Hawaiian, marinara...


Bolognese or Carbonara.

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