Continental Breakfast Menu Ideas

Continental Breakfast Menu Ideas Continental Breakfast Menu Ideas

Are you planning a personal or business event that involves serving a continental breakfast? You can select from among a wide variety of items when preparing a continental breakfast menu. Even though you won't be serving a hot meal when you're providing your guests with a continental breakfast, you don't have to limit your menu to the same old items every single time.

Continental Breakfast Menu Ideas

Continental Breakfast Items

A continental breakfast spread typically includes fruit and several types of baked goods, including sweet and savory options. Make sure you also include a few different types of beverages on your continental breakfast spread.


When selecting fruit for your continental breakfast, consider who will be attending your event. If you're organizing a seminar or business meeting that will last for several hours, you might want to include whole apples, oranges, and/or bananas on your spread. That way, guests who don't like to eat first thing in the morning can pick up a piece of fruit to enjoy later in the day.

If guests will have time to be seated and enjoy their breakfasts, it may be a good idea to prepare some type of fresh fruit salad. While not easily portable, fresh fruit salads are quite tasty. They can add elegance to your buffet table, especially when served in attractive crystal or cut glass bowls. Guests are sure to enjoy having a chance to enjoy a scrumptious fresh fruit salad filled with cut seasonal fruit.

Baked Goods

Bagels are a very popular continental breakfast item. You can choose full size or mini bagels, depending on the type of event you are planning. Mini bagels are often preferable to the full size option, particularly if there are several items on the breakfast spread. A large bagel can be a meal all by itself, so small bagels are a good choice when there are several items available for guests to sample. If you serve bagels, be sure to include a few different types of cream cheese and/or jelly.

It's also a good idea to include a few types of sweets on your continental breakfast spread. Many people enjoy doughnuts and muffins, and these items can be a great way to round out a selection of bagels and fruit. As with bagels, you can go with full size options or miniature muffins and doughnuts, depending on which option you think guests will prefer.


Coffee is a must for every continental breakfast. It's also a good idea to include hot water and tea bags, so that guests who are tea drinkers will have a hot beverage option available to them.

In addition to coffee and tea, it's a good idea to have a few cold beverage options. Bottled water and fruit juice are good choices for continental breakfast spreads.


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