Ba Vi National Park in Vietnam

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Ba Vi National Park on Mount Ba Vi    ban was established on 16-01-1991, by decision of the Chairman of 17/CT Council of Ministers (now the Government). By December 18, 1991 was renamed the Ba Vi National Park by Decision No. 407/CT. Garden in May 2003 the Government decided to expand into the provinces of Hoa Binh. Currently, the total area of 10,782 hectares of gardens administrative boundaries of the two cities is the capital  Hanoi and Hoa Binh provinces and 16 communes of 5 districts in Hanoi to the west near 60 km.

Functions and major tasks of Ba Vi National Park is:

- Managing and protecting forest resources, protection of historical and cultural relics. revolutionary history.

- Conservation, restoration and development of forests.

- Empirical scientific research on conservation and development of buffer zones.

- To organize eco-tourism activities and environmental education.
Natural Ba Vi National Park is rich, diverse, healthy climate, cool. Flora, fauna, forest ecosystems and climate characteristics of the tropical rain and tropical low mountain. According to "plant lice Indochina" French colonial period and the investigation documents 1999: System of vascular plants include 427 genera and 812 species belonging to 99 families, including many rare species such as green Bach, Podocarpus, Sen confidentiality, gender, silver, Decision woody, octagonal joint United First, lobster antennae, three African nose, Sam Cotton, three dressings, etc. Sa ...
There's the only plants in Ba Vi mountain as Ca Lo Ba Vi, swimming in Ba Vi, Ba Vi Mo, Begonia Ba Vi, Ba Vi fish bones, etc. .. Mt Ba Vi has hundreds of species of medicinal plants that you Muong, Dao people still gather annually for drug treatment. Especially in western mountain slopes Vien Left dozens of green trees From ancient trees, diameter from 0.8 - l, 2m for thousands of years old. Forest fauna with 45 species of mammals, 139 birds, 30 reptiles, 24 amphibians and 552 species of insects. Including 24 rare species recorded in Vietnam Red Book Male such as Pheasant, Clouded Leopard, saturation, Loris, Tit Weasel, Bear, antelope, Pangolin gold buffalo fly Soc, Soc Black etc ...

Mt Ba Vi has fresh cool climate, annual average temperature is 220C at an elevation of 400m, at an altitude of 1.100m is 180C summer. Variations in temperature accompanied by corresponding changes in the environment created at Mount Ba Vi a rich flora and diverse. Been a higher temperature decreases. Winter (from January 1 to March) at an altitude of 1.100m above five temperatures down to 00C.
Residential concentration of Ba Vi Mountain, including five ethnic Kinh, Muong, Dao, Cao Lan Thai and living together. Jobs main living still depend on forests for farm economy, forest parks and drug treatment.

More than 15 years of construction, development and growth, Ba Vi National Park has been planted on 8,000 ha of forest. Which were allocated directly to people on 4,000 hectares of forest protection. Regarding scientific research, has been studied as ministerial-level "Research into forest vegetation of Ba Vi mountain"; "Development and conservation of rare endemic plants, medicinal plants, insects etc. .. ". Collection Building 3 seed orchard for three species of bamboo, Areca palm, cactus (including 70 species on their jokes, their 117 species of bamboo, 1,200 species of cactus with over 7000 individuals).

Join wrote dozens of articles and books on the environment. Organized many conferences in the country. Writing projects, science projects have value, particularly Ba Vi National Park is the first unit to build a pilot "scheme for rent forest environment to develop ecotourism and environmental education school "has been approved by the Government and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development decision implementation. Garden has introduced direct and guide thousands of students, students to practice, doing scientific thesis, and graduate students in foreign countries. Participated in many projects and programs to support agricultural and forest buffers and people make ethnic policies in mountain regions.

State-funded and self, Park was constructed over 25 km from the motorway junction internal 87th Street to the tourist areas, tourist spots, cultural relics, historical and revolutionary walk to many study tours and travel. Construction of three large lakes, swimming pools, sports grounds, motels, home workshops, the sale of wild breeding birds, the collection of preserved plants, garden Lan, garden plant samples, food gardens materials, souvenirs, etc. .. garden and many other supporting projects for eco-tourism activities and environmental education.

To Ba Vi National Park we not only enjoy the fresh air of tropical forests and subtropical low mountain, but also enjoy many spectacular natural scenery, interesting. Visitors are camp fires, hiking, playing sports, organized conferences, seminars, and the Dao, Muong people dancing, cultural activities and the spiritual.

National Park in Ba Vi is not only famed for their rich diversity of natural resources, but a place famous spiritual tourism of both countries with ancient cultures created severe vascular origin culture "Son Province - Nui Hiking - Da. " Ba Vi mountain where eternal reign of the Holy  Son Tinh Vien - The holy head in the 4 "Four immortal" in spirit of the Vietnamese.
Ba Vi National Park every year has welcomed thousands of visitors in the country, the leaders of the Party, State, Government, central and local sightseeing, resort, tree planting concept, visit the Temple of Uncle Ho, Upper Temple, the historical revolution and many other relics.