Looking for nice hotel near airport in Hanoi ?

Location very near Noi Bai International Airport
 Location very near Noi Bai International Airport ! Comfortable rooms, exceptional value, convenient location and great service make Avi Airport Hotel the ideal choice for any traveler.

Avi Airport Hotel is set in the nice, small, quiet village just 2 km southwest of  Noi Bai International Airport.  The hotel offers good value for comfortable hotel accommodations near the airport and provides a truly relaxing time for both business and leisure travelers. Located just 5 minutes by taxi from Noibai International airport, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Warning!!! There are a lot of touts and bogus cabbies as well as indecent tour information counters at Noi Bai airport, who try to cheat you to another hotel for commission such as, they secretly contact their hotel-partners and then impersonate our hotel staff to speak to you on the phone that, the hotel you booked that is full already and offer you another hotel or some scames like that.......